Why Pay for Professional Editing? 

In traditional publishing, a typescript undergoes three stages of editing before it is published as a book. These are structural editing, copy-editing, and proofreading; in that order. Each stage plays an important part in the overall editing process.

Professional editing is not just a check of spelling, punctuation, and grammar; it is the skilled job of preparing a writer’s ‘raw’ text for publication to ensure it is clear, concise, and consistent to the reader.

It is not possible for a writer to edit their own work as a professional editor would. They lack the necessary skills; they do not have the required objective viewpoint; and they are often unaware of the pitfalls that occur during the writing process.

Self-publishing without editing will have a negative impact on an author’s reputation. Even traditional publishers expect work to be submitted to a certain standard. Professional editing is a must, especially for a writer who wishes to publish, and should be considered as an investment in their future as an author.