Reviews and comments from clients

"The editing work that Sue Shade has carried out on my novel is nothing short of spectacular. With an incredible attention to detail throughout the whole editing process, her kind words and professional guidance have enabled me to turn my amateur efforts into a manuscript worthy of publishing. You have truly gone above and beyond, thank you Sue."

—David Mason, The Buzzer

"When my traditional publisher turned down my novel (number twenty-three), I asked Sue if she would be willing to put it on Kindle and in book form. As it was a sequel to Hopes and Dreams she had to read that one before tackling the follow-up. It took time to get it right and she did a wonderful job. The book More Hopes and Dreams is lovely. So thank you Sue!"

—Dee Williams, More Hopes and Dreams

"After having moderate success as a screenwriter, having sold and optioned multiple scripts and won/ placed in some of the biggest screenwriting competitions, I decided to try my hand at short stories, which eventually gave me the hunger for more, and so I worked on my first novel. Sue carried out a sample edit on the first chapter and I could see just from editing a few pages that her service was the one for me – she not only fixed errors, but also explained why, so I, the writer, could learn as we went. Sue doesn't just edit the writing and send you the bill; she really helps the writer grow. My prose has already improved leaps and bounds, and I am a more confident writer for it. I am looking forward to working with Sue again on my second novel, and anticipate using her services for many years to come (or as long as she'll have me!)."

—Oliver Williams, On the Other Side

"Thank you Sue, for your thorough and professional copy-editing of my novel The Perfect Fool. Your attention to detail plus your sympathetic comments and advice were much appreciated. There is no way I would have been able to get the novel into a publishable state without your help. Keep up the good work!"

—Nick Morrish, The Perfect Fool

"I have a passion for writing but little patience for the rules of grammar and paying attention to fine details. So when I decided to self-publish my first novel I was so grateful to find Sue Shade who could help me with all those pesky commas, colons and continuity errors! Sue's service and attention to detail was impeccable from start to finish and made the whole daunting process of achieving a professional self-publication manageable (dare I even admit, no work at all for me!) I continue to write and I know that it is Sue I will approach as soon as I am ready to publish again."

—Evita O'Malley, Doubts and Dilemmas

"Sue did an excellent editing job on my self-published novel, Coke, Coffee, and Chardonnay: An Addict's Diary. Not only did she carry out the copy-editing, but she gave me so much more, in terms of guidance and advice on writing satire with sensitivity. I would recommend Sue to anyone looking for a professional, speedy and honest editing service."

—Audrey Syme, Coke, Coffee and Chardonnay

"In novel writing you expose yourself, unwillingly, to open criticism, which can be harsh. Previous experience had made me cautious, so approaching Sue to copy-edit Nothing's Forever was not a decision lightly made. I wasn't sure I was doing the right thing. I needn't have worried. Sue was very professional and guided me through the process with consummate ease. I would certainly like to work with Sue in the future."

—Stuart Michaels, Nothing's Forever

"It's really helped to have an impartial overview, and I found your feedback professional and structural...You shed a good deal of perspective light through my tangled up mind!...I often find myself inserting icons without really knowing why...Thanks once again."

—Richard Noone, (five short stories)

"I can enthusiastically recommend Sue Shade for her services provided in copy-editing my book From Grievance to Tribunal. Sue was professional and capable at all times and made sure to keep me fully up to date on the progress of the work. Her skills and experience were essential in presenting a polished finished product. I would not hesitate to work with her again on future projects."

—D W Knight, From Grievance to Tribunal

"Sue Shade is a brilliant editor. Her professionalism and attention to detail is second to none. There is a saying that you can't turn a sow's ear into a silk purse... well, Sue proves that saying wrong. She was to my book The Dreams of Kings as George Martin was to the Beatles."

—David Saunders, The Dreams of Kings

"I must write and thank you profoundly for all the superb work you did in editing and proofreading my collection of travel stories. You did an excellent job and gave me the confidence to continue writing, knowing that you would always double-check my work. All thirty stories have now been published on the Internet and have so far attracted 22,500 reader visits. Thank you, I look forward to your working with me again."

—Roy Romsey, iTravel Stories

"I’m so pleased that I chose Sue Shade to copy-edit my novel’s manuscript. Sue is a lovely lady. She is thorough and diligent in her approach and used her in-depth knowledge of English language and grammar to improve and hone my manuscript. Sue made many helpful suggestions, particularly to improve the structure. For me as an amateur, it was very reassuring to have a professional going through my novel, line by line. Overall, her efforts contributed significantly to its success."

—Stephen Molyneux, The Marriage Certificate

"Sue Shade did some tremendous work for me, turning my novel Monte Carlo Girls from book form to an e-Book for sale on Kindle. There was no version of it on a readable disc as it was published in 1993. Not only did she painstakingly scan every page of the Coronet imprint, but then checked every sentence for possible typos and errors. I have never known anyone with such eagle eyes for correct spelling, syntax, and repetitions, even such small details as single or double quote marks to keep the text uniform throughout. She did an excellent job and I was very pleased with her work. I would recommend her work most highly to prospective authors."

—Christine Vincent, Monte Carlo Girls