Updated April 2018

The services I offer are shown below. I currently limit myself to two novels a year, whether this is with existing clients or new ones; however, new clients must apply via a submissions procedure. See the link at the bottom of the page for details.

Option 1: 'EDITING'
I begin with a structural edit, from which I produce a report for the client. This is followed with copy-editing provided I have found no serious structural issues. If so, these will need to be rectified by the client before copy-editing can commence.

Option 2: 'TYPESETTING' (self-publishing projects only)
After editing is complete, I format the typescript so that the text is displayed in an industry-standard layout ready for publication. Please note that two separate formatting processes are required for a printed book and an e-book.

This option is only available for typescripts that have been professionally edited and typeset (formatted), whether I have carried out that work or not. I check for last-minute errors and omissions before publication takes place.

Option 4: 'PUBLISHING' (self-publishing projects only)
I can either assist the client with self-publishing or publish using my own imprint, Shadenet Publishing. Whichever is chosen, the client retains ultimate control over their work. For more information, click here to open a PDF file.

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