Updated April 2018


Due to a change in personal circumstances, I only take on two novels a year. This may be with an existing client or a new one. New clients are accepted on a submission-only basis during May (for a July start) and November (for a January start). For all clients, after the sample edit, the work is carried out as stated below. (There is no change to the procedure for short stories.)

I begin with a structural edit, which is then followed with copy-editing. If I find any major developmental issues during the structural edit, these will need to be rectified by the client before copy-editing commences.

OPTION 2: 'TYPESETTING' (self-publishing only)
I format the edited typescript so that the text is displayed in a way that is suitable for publication as a printed book and/or e-book.

For typescripts that have been professionally edited and typeset (formatted), I check for last-minute errors and omissions before publication takes place.

OPTION 4: 'PUBLISHING' (self-publishing only)
If required, I can assist with the self-publishing process. To open and print an information sheet, click here.

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