Updated May 2017


Option 1: 'CHECK & CHANGE'
Choose from either:

1) Copy-editing: For typescripts that have had no professional editing.

I start by carrying out a structural edit. This is then followed by copy-editing. If I uncover any major structural issues, these will need to be rectified by the client before copy-editing commences.

This service is intended for those who wish to receive a complete professional edit of their work. It is not simply a check of spelling, grammar, and punctuation.

or 2) Proofreading: Only for typescripts that have been professionally copy-edited, and typeset (formatted). I check for last-minute errors and omissions before publication takes place.


This option is offered to those who wish to self-publish their work as a printed book and/or e-book, starting from the beginning of the process. It includes a full edit of the original typescript (as in 1 above), formatting, proofreading (as in 2 above), and assisting with the self-publishing process if required. To open and print an information sheet, click here.
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