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STEP 1: Well done! Your story may have taken you weeks, months or years to complete, but now you have finished writing, your hard work is ready to begin its journey to self-publication.
STEP 2: As copy-editor I will work through your original typescript checking for sense and style, making any necessary corrections and amendments. However, it is your story, so I will not rewrite. If in doubt, I will raise a query.
STEP 3: After copy-editing your original typescript, I will contact you with any comments and queries, before updating the electronic copy. (Option 1: 'Check & Change' ends here.)
STEP 4: I will format the copy-edited, updated copy of your typescript to prepare it for self-publishing. This will include adding any preliminary pages (front matter). (Option 2: 'Prepare & Publish' starts here.)
STEP 5: Once the typescript is formatted for self-publishing, I will proofread it, checking for any final errors and omissions before the typescript is published. These should only be typographical and formatting errors, plus any small oversights.
STEP 6: After proofreading the formatted typescript, I will update the electronic copy to reflect any changes and save it as the final document.
STEP 7: The final stage involves uploading the formatted file to the self-publishing provider you have chosen, uploading the book cover, setting a price, and choosing promotion options.
STEP 8: Congratulations! Your typescript is finally published as a printed book, or an e-book. Now's the time to market your product. Advertise it on the internet's various social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter. Start a blog or set up a small website. Good Luck :-)
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