Revised 20 April 2018

The fees listed below apply to each service that I offer. Feel free to use the Fee Calculator to provide an estimate based on the word count of your document.

Option 1: 'EDITING'
The structural edit and the copy-editing are each charged at £5.00 per 1000 words. For example, a complete edit of a 50,000-word novel would cost £500. (Short stories have a minimum charge of £10.00.)

Option 2: 'TYPESETTING' (self-publishing projects only)
Typesetting a printed book and an e-book requires two distinct formatting processes. For an industry-standard paperback, I charge £0.50 per page. (As a rough guide, a 100,000-word novel spans about 400 pages; incurring a cost of about £200.) Typesetting the e-book is included, but for e-book typesetting alone I charge £50.00.

To proofread a professionally edited and typeset document, I charge a fixed fee of £4.00 per 1000 words (minimum charge of £10.00).

Option 4: 'PUBLISHING' (self-publishing projects only)
Expect to pay an equivalent fee for each stage above. For assisting the client with self-publishing, I charge £10 per hour. If using my own publishing imprint, Shadenet Publishing (optional), there will be disbursements for the UK ISBN, the purchase of a proof copy, and a copy of the finished book as required by the British Library.

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